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Our People

Ian Port
Mobile: 0414 978 800 
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Ian has extensive experience and background in a wide range of landscaping and fencing services.  Ian’s primary focus is in the Operations aspects of the company and is responsible for making sure that Top Gun meets its operational obligations to its clients.  His other primary focus is on ensuring that the company is represented in the market to a high level and that it meets the needs of its clients in a professional and efficient manner and that it’s contracts are completed on time, to a high quality and within budget.

Irwin Stewart
Marketing and Sales
Mobile: 0478 684 810
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Irwin’s primary focus is on making sure that Top Gun’s profile is raised in the market and that Top Gun is ‘front of mind’ for many of the top civil, construction and engineering companies both state wide and national.  Irwin oversees the sales and marketing activities of the company as well as the estimating and quoting section.  He is responsible for ensuring that the company has as many tender/quote opportunities as possible in the sectors that the company has a particular interest in.  These sectors include (but not limited to) the commercial sector, the residential development sector, the civil infrastructure sector and maintenance contracts for councils, local authorities and road/rail authorities.

Regina McDonald
Administration Manager
Phone: 3801 3524 
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Regina has overall responsibility for the administration functions and accounting functions within the company.  Her background in administration and accounting is wide and diverse.  Regina supervises the office team to ensure the needs of the company and the clients has a priority focus.

Sheridan Kell
Admin Customer service
Phone:  3801 3524
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Al Breen
Senior Estimator
Phone: 3801 3524
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Dave Olszewski
Contracts/Operations Administrator
Phone: 0434 515 915
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